Experiments with computer-based tasks

by Min, Buwalda, Fokkema and Tao Yu
Rik Min (supervisor),

We have prepared a lot of experiments with computer-based tasks
in doing-, working- and/or learning-environments

Experiment 1with simple tasks and parallel instruction
Experiment 2without paper materials (in Dutch)
Experiment 3with secretaries (in Dutch)
Experiment 4with secretaries (in Dutch)
Experiment 5with students (in Dutch) (with simulation tasks) (Boiler)
Experiment 6with students (in Dutch) (with simulation tasks) (Fish pond)
Experiment 7experimenteel
Experiment 8experimenteel
Experiment 9experimenteel
Experiment 10with ppn (in Dutch) (with abstracted tasks)

The first is an experiment with 3 tasks with parallel instruction on loose papers, parallel on the monitor; and 1 task without paper materials. The second experiment is an experiment with parallel instruction on the same monitor of the PC were the tasks are. The third experiment is an experiment with secretaries and how to handle copiing a file from floppy to a map on the 'own' hard-disk. The fifth experiment is with web-sites with simulation ('Sunheater') and a lot of different parallel instructions. The 6th experiment is with 3 different web-sites with the same simulation ('Fish pond') and a lot of parallel instructions.

Results 1: 2001 (concept text Dutch)
Results 2: 2001 (concept text English)
Results 3: 2004 (concept paper for the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning.)

Period of the experiments: 2000 - 2005.
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