Scripting and Building blocks

for combining JavaScripts and Java-Applets

(building your own six dimensional dynamical Websites with JavaScript, Java-Applets and Multimedial Elements.

The chapters are:

  • Chapter 1: Object oriented techniques;
  • Chapter 2: Programming techniques;
  • Chapter 3: Function techniques;
  • Chapter 4: Form techniques;
  • Chapter 5: Object techniques ;
  • Chapter 6: Output techniques (linear);
  • Chapter 7: Output techniques, in combination with communication techniques;
  • Chapter 8: Windowing techniques in combination to output techniques;
  • Chapter 9: Communication techniques; communication with files, cookies, etc.;
  • Chapter 10: Input techniques, incl. menu's;
  • Chapter 11: Output techniques in combination with input techniques & communication techniques.
  • In this e-book we start giving you an introduction in object oriented programming, making plans for software solutions or software products, combining multimedial elements, use building blocks as applets, and learn to write scripts for most frequent occurrence software problems.

    See also my other e-book about 'Methods and Techniques' (I): about Methods, Tools, Authoring Systems, Languages, Html, JavaScript and Java.

    === a new concept for designing and developing web-media ===

    Enschede, january, 30, 2004