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Introduction in our products
with and without building blocks; with complex or simple applets
Introduction in techniques (in Dutch)
presentation, acceptation and communication techniques
Working with building blocks (in Dutch)
tellertjes, meebewegende histogrammen, graphs, etc.

1. Object oriented techniques


Example: forms, objects and data
2. Programming techniques


Scripts: Example: showing properties
3. Function-techniques


Parameters: Example: showing more values (with button)

Example: showing more values (with fields)

4. Form-techniques

Forms, Fields & Buttons:

Forms, Functions & Strings:

Example: questions dbase with buttons

Example: open questions dbase

Example: questions dbase & mailing

5. Object-techniques

Objects (self made):

Javascript objects (internal): Java applets objects (prefab):

Example: textile (interactive editing)

Example: textile (properties & databases)

Example: cars (properties, methods & forms)

Example: cars (properties, methods & without form)

6. Linear output techniques

Sound (linear):

Video (linear) (frame-by-frame):

Linear animation (frame-by-frame):

Example: a movie about electrons (1)

Example: a movie about Twente

Example: a movie about Vietnam

Example: a movie with sound

Example: an interactive linear movie,

7. Dynamical output techniques (in combination with models, formula's or data)

Formula-driven animation (not interactive):

Examples: more objects

Graphical output (not interactive):

Examples: interaction, events and applets

Examples: interaction and dynamical parts

Examples: model-driven growing graphs

8. Windowing techniques (in combination with output techniques)

Parallel windows:

Example: an database system

Example: a movie about electrons (2)

9. Input/Output techniques (in combication with files, cookies, etc.)


Example:interaction with a cookie

Example:data transfer with a cookie

10. Input techniques (incl. menu's)

Radio buttons and Checkboxes:

Menu's with inclick- and/or pointing regions: Scroll bars:

Example pop up/pull down menus

Example visual menu (I)

Example visual menu (II)

11. Dynamical output techniques (in combination with input techniques & communication techniques)

Interactive phenomenas (with sliders):

Example: an interactive model-driven feedback system

Example: an interactive formula-driven animation

Complex interactive applets (simulations):

Example: an transistor circuit

Example: an fish pond simulation environment

Results and products of our students
with new or reused elements; with simple and complex applets
Other complex products of our group
with simulations and animations; with simple and/or complex applets from WebLib and/or SimLib
Other more simple products of our group
with JavaScript examples; with simple and/or complex applets from WebLib and/or SimLib
Our tele-course Simulation
designing building blocks; working with sjablones; working with our JavaTHESIS system and libraries
Other external courses
about JavaScript, Java, DHTML, etc.